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Tue Aug 21 08:16:52 PDT 2012

Jezkuv Swing Band : Karel Vacek, Jan Novy, Antonin Kühnel (tp)
Stanislav Kukacka, Josef Dienstl (tb)
Jan Novak, Tomas Firt, Josef Pulec, Vaclav Cekal (reeds)
Harry von Noe (p) Vladislav Hochman (bj,g) Jozka Smital (b) Zdenek Tesarek 
Jaroslav Jezek (ldr)
Prague, November 12, 1937

41488 Dinah Ultraphon (Cz)A11650, Supraphon (Cz)1013-3371/72, Harlequin 
41489 Hot fingers Ultraphon (Cz)A11650, Supraphon (Cz)1013-2887, 
And many more.

han enderman
>>> I was going though unsorted boxes of records and encountered this 
>>> wonderful
Czechoslovakian hot jazz 78, Ultraphon A11650, Jezkuv Swing Band with
"Dinah" and "Hot Fingers,"  Matrix 41488 and 41489. There is some info about
this fellow and other "Eurojazz" on the Net, and a truncated YouTube upload,
but nothing approaching recording dates or personnel.  Is there at least a
way to date this record?  I'm thinking 1934/35.


..Steve Williams  ..

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