[78-L] Bix tests

Scott scott at mosaicrecords.com
Wed Aug 22 08:14:16 PDT 2012

Thanks for the input Joe. . . I do know the date this "Sweet Sue" was
pressed since it carries in the run-on groove area "11/23/38" but just
wanted to confirm that these were custom made tests and not tests pressed
for a certain commercial release. 


Over at Albert's Bix site, Joe Giordano back in 2004 was asked about the Bix
78 album C-29 of which he had both versions:  "One with the truncated copy
of "Sweet Sue" and one with the compressed copy. The initial issue from 1940
has the truncated version. The second issue (c. 1945) has the compressed
version. He remarked on two weird things - both versions have the same
master number, namely, 24050 and that the liners in both issues are
identical. They both refer to cutting out "the florid introduction."

The numbers on the run-off grooves are different. His truncated version has
1-B-3. His compacted version has 1-2 7.

It looks as if there are three versions of the album.
1. Truncated. Liners state removing the lurid intro.
2. Compressed. Liners state removing the lurid intro.
3. Compressed. Liners state compressing the grooves.



David Lennick wrote:


> B23751 should date from late 1938 (can't date it precisely yet) and 

> 24050 from March 1939. ...


Joe wrote: 


If the Abrams files hold any weight, they place B 23751 circa 24 Nov 1938.
There's a void from 23747 to 23755; 23746 is 22 November while

23756 is 26 November. All that presumes, of course, that the numbers were in
fact used chronologically. Not always a valid presumption.


24050 is 30 or 31 January 1939, from the same source (B 24047-1 is 30
January, 24051-2 is 31 January; 24050 is listed, but as the original

18 Sept 1928 recording date). BUT...dates of several preceding sessions are
non-sequential; W[B]24033/42 are listed as 3 February 1939...which could be
explained by their being recorded at World, and the 3 Feb 1939 date could
well be ARC/Brunswick/Columbia/wotever's remastering date...as it turns out,
I have a World test of what

*became* W 24034-A...but that's another story.


Scott Wenzel 

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