[78-L] Ted Wilson Musicraft pressings WAS Casa Loma "White Jazz"

Iñigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 00:40:20 PDT 2012

I've always quivered about another similar general fuzziness....
I love Ted Wilson's piano playing, and the marvelous 1946 recordings
of Musicraft set TEDDY WILSON PLAYS #N7,
records #369 to #372,
4 om 5461
3 om 5462 b
4 om 5463
5 om 5464
3 om 5476
4 om 5477
2 om 5478 a
4 om 5480

All them have a strange fuzzy sound, at least in my Musicraft late
pressings, which are indeed in a
strange shellac-ish material not well tolerated by bamboo needles.

Does anyone have noticed this problem?

These records were imported into UK and issued in Parlophone, and also in
spanish Odeon (EMI product) with a
better shellac quality and I think, better sound.
But they seem to be dubs, and the original matrix nos. are not visible...
I don't know who made the dubs... if they were made in the UK or in Spain,
as I own some of the the spanish Odeons only.
anyway, dubs made by EMI Spain carried TI, TII... and so on indicators, and
these don't show this.

Pity that my Odeon (better than Musicraft) pressing of Strange Interlude
got broken in the silliest of ways...

Temporarily parked in Provence, France,
Inigo Cubillo

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