[78-L] Bix tests

Scott scott at mosaicrecords.com
Mon Aug 20 11:48:04 PDT 2012

Hi David

I don't have at hand my copy of 24050 on hand so I don't recall if I've got
the edited or complete "Sweet Sue" red label Columbia. Nonetheless, my test
(with B23751) is the edited version. 

I've posted this query on Albert Haim's Bix Forum as well but with not much
added discussion. 

Scott Wenzel 


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From: David Lennick <dlennick at sympatico.ca>
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What has always puzzled me about Sweet Sue is that there are two very
versions of 24050, and I suspect that one of them is actually B23751 because
has the late 30s style of starting the runout during wider grooves at the
of the recording..and that it's the COMPLETE RECORDING, not the edit. I have

two copies of each version. The "complete" version seems to be on later
with the sharp edges and the grey album pockets. Is your B23751 test the 
complete recording, all 4'27" of it? This was how I first encountered the 
record, and needless to say I was puzzled by the liner notes' reference to 
"dropping the florid introduction".


On 8/15/2012 4:19 PM, Scott wrote:
> Hi all
> A couple of weeks ago in Connecticut - not too far from Bridgeport - I
> about 40 mint one-sided test pressings of mostly Bix&  His Gang and
> Trumbauer Orch sides. Many of them are 10" while some are the 11" variety
> where you can see the title, artist, tune, etc, from the metal part.
> They are all issued takes but just wondered if anyone has ever come across
> these particular tests. The label design is of the 1930s variety and I'm
> guessing they were made around 1938 as the date etched in the run-on area
> "Sweet Sue", an edited version of 12" Columbia 50103-D, states 11/23/38.
> However, the matrix of this particular "Sweet Sue" is B23751-1 What is
> is that this matrix is not the one made for Columbia's 10" edited pressing
> for album C-29. That matrix is W24050. The matrix on this 11" disc looks
> me like a Brunswick number. Was this then a custom pressing or was this to
> be issued as a Brunswick release?
> I also have "Cryin' All Day" and "A Good Man..." that has the Columbia
> reissue matrix of 17066 and 17067 in the wax and I believe that was
> in January of '41.
> best
> Scott Wenzel

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