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The pitch changes are rather hard to miss. The wow is masked at times by 
the orchestra's playing...

joe salerno

On 8/10/2012 9:46 AM, David Lennick wrote:
> Notice all the wow and mismatched pitches? I can't remember whether I own that
> CD or just borrowed it but I think I own it. SP probably stands for Standard
> Play (meaning 78 or coarse groove or both, since I've seen "standard" used in
> both contexts).
> dl
> On 8/10/2012 10:32 AM, neechevoneeznayou at gmail.com wrote:
>> My curiosity over came my better judgement and I bought a copy of Denon
>> CO-2111-EX, The Mahler Symphony #4 from the all-time first recording by
>> Viscount Hidemaro Konoye with the New Symphony Orchestra a TOKIO (that's
>> how it is spelled). May 28-29,1930. Recorded by Parlophone, but only the
>> bottom portion of the label is reproduced. I assume there may have been
>> a copyright or trademark issue with the name "Parlophone". See the
>> question below.
>> This is the 2nd recording of a Mahler symphony. The first was an
>> acoustical, was by Oskar Fried of the Second Symphony. There's a trivia
>> question for you.
>> So here's my question. The booklet makes several references to the work
>> having been recorded on and remastered from SP records. Is this a label
>> or some other kind of designation? Does this mean 78 rpm records?
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