[78-L] Amazon postage rates

Alan Bunting alanbuntinguk at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 24 04:40:50 PDT 2012

Mike, you are getting a bargain postage rate from Amazon UK on your (non-Goon Show) CDs. Recent UK postal increases mean that for me to send a single CD to the USA, the "small packet" rate is now 3 pounds and 30 pence (over 5 Dollars) plus, of course, the cost of the Jiffy Bag.
On the subject of Goon Show CDs being classed as books, I have never understood why the BBC decided to change to ISBN codes to classify them which meant that for some CD retailing WEB sites, they didn't exist.
Alan Bunting 
>Over on our side of the pond, Amazon.com postage for CDs/DVDs is $2.98
>for a single disc OR a BOXED SET of 50 discs!! (But not 50 separate
>discs).  A book is $3.98. Like your situation it doesn't matter if the
>dealer is in the U.S., UK, Canada, Hong Kong, or anywhere else. 
>Ordering from Amazon itself is free postage for orders over $25.  But if
>we order from Amazon.co.uk our postage is much higher even from the same
>dealers, even those in the U.S., there is a per delivery rate of 2.09
>pounds plus 0.99 per item.  For books it is 3.99 per delivery plus 2.99
>per book.  What is ANNOYING is that the BBC Goon Show CDs are considered
>a BOOK, therefore even though some of them are priced real cheap, the
>postage is 6.98 pounds, which is over $10 U.S. So both of us have to
>hope that the thing we see on the other's Amazon can also be found on
>our own.  
>Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com    
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>Subject: [78-L] Amazon postage rates
>From: Julian Vein <julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk>
>Date: Sat, June 23, 2012 5:15 pm
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>I have been buying a number of CDs and DVDs from Amazon.co.uk and the 
>postage for a single one is GBP1.26. This is regardless of whether the 
>supplier is in the UK or USA. However, when I try to purchase from 
>Amazon.com, the postage jumps to GBP8.00+ from the same suppliers. Are 
>US Amazon creaming off some of the postage for themselves? Additionally,
>some items from the latter aren't allowed to be sent to the UK, although
>some of them can be purchased from via UK Amazon from the same US
>Julian Vein

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