[78-L] Marconi Records with Sleeves

Clifford Bolling 78records at cdbpdx.com
Fri Jun 22 17:27:08 PDT 2012

I think a diamond needle worked just fine.  
These records seem to be made from a flexible material that could be softer than the shellac records of the period.  
A steel needle with a 6 ounce weight might have been a little rough on them.
You can watch one of these play on YouTube at:
It is a bit noisy but still enjoyable.

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Fri Jun 22 13:07:25 PDT 2012 
Nice find! Did they really require the use of a gold plated needle or 
was that a sales gimmick, and how long did those last? joe salerno On 6/22/2012 1:19 AM, Clifford Bolling wrote:
>Here is a peek at a recent acqusition, 4 Marconi records (by Columbia) with original sleeves: >>http://pdx78s.cdbpdx.com/Marconi/ >>Never thought I'd have any of these in my collection.  Very exciting! >>CDB >_______________________________________________ >78-L mailing list >78-L at klickitat.78online.com >http://klickitat.78online.com/mailman/listinfo/78-l > -- 
Joe Salerno 

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