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At the same time as I acquired the BG records, I also acquired some 
20-xxxx series records of the same nature. Homer and Jethro and Slim 
Whitman. I bought them out of curiosity.

I've seen H/J 78s before but never heard any. My only exposure to these 
performers was the 60s TV series. Until recently I would never have 
guessed that they had been released on 78s. Slim I have never heard of.

Thanks to everyone who has posted about the BG series.

joe salerno

On 6/20/2012 10:03 AM, Han Enderman wrote:
> I have several label images of the various issues in this 78rpm 27-xxxx series.
> All are Record Prevues.
> Surprisingly they occur in a few limited ranges, and possibly do not form a
> continuous series.
> 27-0114 - 27-0119 (0118 not seen) = All Star Band & Goodman sets.
> 27-0135 - 27-0143 (0136 & 0139 not seen) = Great Trumpet / Tenor / Artie Shaw sets.
> 27-0159 = Glenn Miller.
> han enderman
> ===
>>>>> Something struck me while looking over this material today: we've assumed the 78s have catalog numbers identical to the 45s (27-0117 etc). Connor lists them that way, I believe others do too. But those "catalog" numbers are in parentheses on the promo labels, as if referring to the 45rpm releases instead of designating the 78s.
> Right..that's Victor's standard style, and there wouldn't have been commercial
> 78RPM issues for any of these sets by 1952. "Great Trumpet Artists" is similar,
> 3 discs in a packer, 27-xxxx numbers in parentheses on the labels.
> A single 45 on my shelf, Tommy Dorsey's "Boogie Woogie" b/w Larry Clinton's "Martha",
> is 27-0003 from set WPT 2.
> By the way, I've had 4 or 5 of these promo sets and never seen a liner note in
> any of them.
> dl
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