[78-L] Sleeves for 78s

Matthew Duncan recordgeek334578 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 18 04:42:20 PDT 2012

Hi all,
Apologies if this has been discussed before but I have a question about sleeves for 78s.
Some time ago I decided to buy some new card sleeves for my 78s from Covers 33 in England (where I am based).  I could not afford to buy enough for all my records so now have a mixture of sleeves on my 78s. I started doing it as many of my 78s had shabby old shop sleeves or company ones in bad shape.
I was going to get more new sleeves so my 78s all looked the same, then I started to change my mind.
This was due to coming across about 40 immaculate records (all single sided 12") in strong card covers (shop adverts on each one).  I wouldn't normally have bought Opera 78s at the time but I became interested in the Chaliapin and Caruso items and kept them all.  The question is - keep them in the sleeves they are in (which look like they were bought yesterday despite being from c.1925) or put them in new covers?
What sleeves do people on this list use?  I know it's probably personal choice but maybe also something to do with old sleeves affecting the records (will records suffer from being in a particular type of cover over time?)
I also started putting labels on the new sleeves with data about the record inside but wouldn't want to deface an old cover ... but perhaps that is beside the point...
Any ideas or opinions appreciated...
Matthew, UK.


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