[78-L] Does size matter?

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Tue May 8 14:48:08 PDT 2012

It's not all that unusual for a ten-inch record to be reissued as a 
twelve-incher, but I'm curious why I have what appear to be contemporary 
versions of the same item in both formats. Truman Capote reads his short story 
"House of Flowers" exists as a white label Columbia "Premium Record", not for 
sale. From the matrix numbers (LP and XLP 12508/9), this must have been 
recorded around late 1952 or early 1953, which might connect it with the 
Columbia Literary Series, but was it issued at the time or held in the can and 
issued in conjunction with the cast album of the musical House Of Flowers, 
which would have appeared early in 1955? The ten-inch is a US pressing and the 
twelve-inch is a Canadian pressing. Both white label, Columbia Masterworks.


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