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Just read about this documentary program which sounds great ­ Vince Giordano
and the band provided the music ­ and it's available for $14.95 as a DVD/CD
WVIA's "Remembering The Scranton Sirens" wins a 2012 PAB Award for
Outstanding Documentary Program

 PITTSTON, PA (wvia) - The WVIA high-definition original documentary film,
"Remembering The Scranton Sirens", which premiered on WVIA TV on Wednesday,
Oct. 5, 2011, received a 2012 Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Award
for Excellence in Broadcasting Competition in the Outstanding Documentary
Program category.

"Remembering The Scranton Sirens" revisits our region in the Roaring 20's;
and celebrates its little-known artistic legacy that defined a nation as
powerfully as King Coal.

This WVIA original documentary film celebrates the exceptional musical
legacy of one of the most significant but unheralded "territory" dance bands
in American musical history, which introduced iconic artists such as Tommy
and Jimmy Dorsey, Russ Morgan, and Bill Challis, whose phenomenal musical
innovation presaged their international fame and profoundly influenced the
Big Band era.

"Remembering The Scranton Sirens" recreates the band's music to reflect a
facet of Jazz's stylistic evolution in the early decades of the 20th
century. Musical Director and Creative Consultant Vince Giordano studied
arranging under Bill Challis, and authentically recreates four original
Sirens' recordings on-camera with his 11-piece band "The Nighthawks," who
are featured on the CD "Boardwalk Empire: Volume 1 Music From the HBO
Original Series."  Giordano's tonal recreation sonorously relives the early
careers of Challis, the Dorsey brothers and Russ Morgan, and introduces
viewers to the exquisite craft and art of playing Jazz music.

"Remembering The Scranton Sirens" can be purchased on the WVIA Online Store,
which is located at http://www.shop.wvia.org/.

Dave Weiner

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