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Sun Apr 15 16:09:32 PDT 2012

>: "Luis" <contijoch1 at gmx.net>

... The Lanin disco is wrong in several areas.  The Royal Marimba Band is
actually a, erm, Marimba band, doing "Dancing with tears" as a waltz, with a
Smith Ballew vocal..That is on Romeo and other labels.

>The Sam Lanin disco says: 

>Dancing with tears in my eyes (4070-A, B), NYC, May 1930

>Issued on: 

>Grey Gull 1880 (High Hat Revelers) issued on Collectors' Items 010 LP as
Royal Marimba Band (take B)

.... This is Take A again (The same Grey Gull issue MAY have also had Take
B..) , Royal Marimba Band is wrong, that's what Rust originally thought....

>Madison 5063 (Newport Dance Orchestra

Van Dyke 81880 (Sam Lanin Troubadours) issued on Jazz Oracle "Grey Gull
Rarities", but as Royal Marimba Band (take B)

... The Oracle is Take A, again. It is issued on Van Dyke as SAM LANIN and
his ORCHESTRA! There is no mention of "Royal Marimba Band.."  The Oracle
liner notes says Take B, but that's wrong, John Wilby and I just discovered
that this afternoon.  It was the Piccadilly that was used for mastering,
thus Take A, since it was in better condition than the Van Dyke (with Take
B).  I am just preparing the Van Dyke - Take B, for posting on YouTube now
(with John's blessing..)

>Goodson (E) 242 (Sam Lanin Orchestra)

>Piccadilly (E) 605 (Piccadilly Dance Band (take A)

>Phonycord P-86 (Oceanic Dance Band)

>Phonycord 477 (?)

>Angelus (Au) 3252 (Royal Marimba Band

>Embassy 9252 (Royal Marimba Band)

.... We need play-checks on The Phonycord, Embassy, and Angelus issues to
make sure they are not also waltzes.

....This seems to be the final word, everyone from Rust onwards, and
discographies based on Rust, seem to have got it wrong.

....There doesn't seem to be an issue of Take B. Until now.........

Steve Williams  ..





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