[78-L] whats the best way to clean the lazer in a cd player

Alan Bunting alanbuntinguk at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 11 12:02:33 PDT 2012

The speed to use depends on what speed(s) the blanks you are using are optimised for - using too low a speed can result in as many problems as too high a one.  You should also ensure that, for the speed you use, your hard drive can deliver the data to the burner without having to resort to buffer underrun protection.
There are still a few companies I make masters for who don't want the master as a DDP file and I always use Tayo Yuden blanks which, although rated at up to 52x, I always record at 16 times speed.  99 times out of a 100, when the master is checked for errors there are no C2 or CU errors at all and for C1 errors a maximum of 25 per second with and an average of 0.5 or less is the norm (the Red Book standard allows for up to 220 per second) 
I certainly wouldn't burn at any speed higher than 24 times, other than for quick tests and listening copies and if you want consistently good results then invest in a premium quality burner, such as Plextor.
Also remember that, no matter how perfect your recording, even slight specks of dust and especially finger marks can cause problems on playback, especially with CD-Rs which reflect less of the laser beam than a pressed CD. 
Alan Bunting 

>From: Robert M. Bratcher Jr. rbratcherjr at yahoo.com
>But some discs have 16x as the slowest speed listed in programs such as Imgburn. I guess you could burn them slower but 16 or 24x is enough for me & I get very good results for both speeds. No need to burn at 48 to 52x......

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