[78-L] Anyone hoarding Greek rebetiko / rempetiko 78's??

kyle cassidy netaxs pop cassidy at netaxs.com
Mon Apr 9 11:12:46 PDT 2012

Hello all trying to track down some Greek folk music for a friend who wants to DJ some events with his suitcase Electrola .... 

A style called Rempetiko (also spelled rebetiko) popular in the 20's and 30's and recorded in the states. I've got a few examples but I'd be interested in any rebetiko (or possibly any greek music from the 20's-30's) if anybody's sitting on a stockpile, condition unimportant as long as they're playable.


Kostas Dousas

CO-56229F	1930
CO-56242F	1931
CO-56277F	1931
CO-56310F	1932
CO-56319F	1932

A Kostis

VI-58061	1930
VI-58067	1930
VI-58080	1931
VI-58092	1931
VI-58116	1931
ORS-613	1931

Giorgos Katsaros

VI-59065	1928
CO-56345F	1934
CO-56358F	1935
ORS-463	1938

Thanks a bunch,


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