[78-L] Toscanini's 1943 German Requiem

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Thanks Joe!!

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>is now available from Andrew Rose of Pristine Classical. Sample the last 
>10 minnits of "Lord Make Me to Know"  -
>I am rather astounded by the transfer. Andrew had a really sweet 
>original source to work from. Hard to believe this broadcast is from 1943.
>He added a small amount of convolution reverb, which simulates the sound 
>of a real hall. It is not just digital echo. This is the first time I 
>have heard a vintage recording with reverb added that I felt the results 
>were successful and didn't sound like a vintage recording with phoney echo.
>And if you want a low rez (128 kbps) copy for free, it is available from 
>the web site for a limited time. Andrew really is generous with giving 
>away complete low-rez samples of his work.
>Joe Salerno
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