[78-L] Early Supraphon LPs

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 14 19:20:18 PDT 2011

Not too early at all..the WERM supplement lists Supraphon lps in 1951-2 (I 
haven't checked the first supplement yet).


On 8/14/2011 3:40 PM, Brian Bashford wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I've just come into possession of 3 early Czech Supraphon 10" LPs. The
> catalogue numbers are DM 5022,  DM 5032 and  DM 5399. The first appears to
> be dated 1950 and the other 2 are 1951.  All have similar light green
> gatefold sleeves with plain white backs. The cardboard sleeves appear to be
> stitched together  along the top and bottom seams.
> My question is ... are these dates too early for Supraphon?  I'd been led to
> believe that they didn't start producing vinyl LPs until 1954.
> Regards,
> Brian B.

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