[78-L] Spivey... no not THAT Spivey

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Madame Spivy (sans "e") http://www.hensteeth.com/sblue.html
 There is a second, more modern looking Exclusive design which I need to post, both are in Kurt's label book.

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The link I provided shows three sets of issues (General/Exclusive, Gala, Sound)Ty (78discography) lists 3 Commodore issues.If anyone has label scans for the GENERAL and COMMODORE issues, I'd like to see them. (a couple will do).Did the SOUND releases come in an album? Anyone have a scan?Thanks, Thomas.-----Original Message-----From: 78-l-bounces at klickitat.78online.com[mailto:78-l-bounces at klickitat.78online.com]On Behalf Of David LennickSent: Monday, August 08, 2011 4:55 PMTo: 78-L Mail ListSubject: Re: [78-L] Spivey... no not THAT SpiveyEXCLUSIVE..that's the one. And a credit to General Records, and I still think I've seen pressings with Commodore labels.The Gala set I've only encountered once, in an archive. Taped it. Returned it, even.dlOn 8/8/2011 3:43 PM, Thomas Stern wrote:>> http://www.queermusicheritage.us/oct2000ms.html>> -----Original Message-----> From: 78-l-bounces at klickitat.78online.com> [mailto:78-l-bounces at klickitat.78online.com]On Behalf Of Thomas Stern> Sent: Monday, August 08, 2011 3:31 PM> To: 78-L Mail List> Subject: Re: [78-L] Spivey... no not THAT Spivey>>>> BILLBOARD NOV 1 1947> advert>> album 50 Spivy Naughty-Nice Lady of Naughty-Nice Songs> Surrealist> I Didn;t Do a Thing Last Night> Madame's Lament> Auntie;s Face> 100% American Girl> Wife of an Acrobat>> 5004 V-1 AUNTIE'S FACE words& music Guy Monypenny>> -----Original Message-----> From: 78-l-bounces at klickitat.78online.com> [mailto:78-l-bounces at klickitat.78online.com]On Behalf Of David Lennick> Sent: Monday, August 08, 2011 2:39 PM> To: 78-L Mail List> Subject: Re: [78-L] Spivey... no not THAT Spivey>>> I have the set on a label like Distinguished or some such arms-length name, but> distributed by Commodore, and it seems to me later pressings might have had> Commodore labels. (I have it but it's not unpacked yet, so no scanning.) She> also did a set for Gala or similar label in the late 40s.>> dl>> On 8/8/2011 2:32 PM, Malcolm Rockwell wrote:>> I believe so, yes. The titles, especially the "Buffalo" title, rings a>> bell. But I do not remember it as being on Commodore.>> Mal>>>> *******>>>> On 8/8/2011 8:27 AM, Julian Vein wrote:>>> On 08/08/11 19:23, Malcolm Rockwell wrote:>>>> Okay, I'm stumped!>>>> A while ago I bought an album from the 40s on a minor label by an artist>>>> named Spivey. Not Victoria Spivey, not Sweet Pease Spivey, just Spivey.>>>> Turns out she was a gay, "blue" piano player with a notorious lounge act>>>> in New York that many lads went to see as a rite of passage, sort of. I>>>> cannot find the fool thing. It's hiding somewhere in my collection and>>>> being very elusive.>>>> I've tried Googling "Spivey" and "lounge act" and "New York 1940" all to>>>> no avail.>>>> I could use a scan of the cover and the notes on the inside cover if>>>> anyone has this item.>>>> Meanwhile I'll keep searching.>>>> Mal "aaaaaargh!" Rockwell>>>>_______________________________________________78-L mailing list78-L at klickitat.78online.comhttp://klickitat.78online.com/mailman/listinfo/78-l_______________________________________________78-L mailing list78-L at klickitat.78online.comhttp://klickitat.78online.com/mailman/listinfo/78-l

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