[78-L] Spivey... no not THAT Spivey

Doug Pomeroy audiofixer at verizon.net
Mon Aug 8 13:26:11 PDT 2011

Hi Mal,

I have "Surrealist" b/w "I Didn't Do A Thing Last Night"
both with words by John LaTouche, music by Spivey.
The label is GALA (5001 V-3 and 5002 V-3).

Somewhere I found this 78, a mint copy.

There is info available about Ms Spivey, and I'm surprised
you didn't find it.

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> Okay, I'm stumped!
> A while ago I bought an album from the 40s on a minor label by an  
> artist
> named Spivey. Not Victoria Spivey, not Sweet Pease Spivey, just  
> Spivey.
> Turns out she was a gay, "blue" piano player with a notorious lounge  
> act
> in New York that many lads went to see as a rite of passage, sort  
> of. I
> cannot find the fool thing. It's hiding somewhere in my collection and
> being very elusive.
> I've tried Googling "Spivey" and "lounge act" and "New York 1940"  
> all to
> no avail.
> I could use a scan of the cover and the notes on the inside cover if
> anyone has this item.
> Meanwhile I'll keep searching.
> Mal "aaaaaargh!" Rockwell

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