[78-L] record shelving again

neechevoneeznayou at gmail.com neechevoneeznayou at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 17:58:00 PDT 2011

I am looking for some sturdy and reasonably attractive (i.e. nicely 
finished wood) shelving to store records on, preferably with adjustable 
shelves but I realize that this factor may negate the sturdy part.

I would store mixed sizes from 16" to 7" records. LPs, 78s, sets and 

I would like to have multiple support/divisions every foot or so.
I have not been convinced that the units from Ikea would be sturdy 
enough for a collection of LP, let alone shellac records.

Does anyone have any leads to other commercial units that fit this 
general description?


joe salerno

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