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It didn't appear that the collector in the video would know much about Elvis Presley or about 78s - he seems to me to be a big band/EZ listening vocal collector who has accumulated a lot of LPs and 45s. We didn't get to see any of his 78 collection except for a common black Decca label 78 album (didn't catch the artist, but none of those are rare). Don't know what was on the 16-inch transcription he was flashing, but it was probably not very valuable either.

Cary Ginell

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> On 5/22/2011 12:20 PM, Cary Ginell wrote:
> > Doubt that there's much of value in there if his favorite is by Steve Lawrence.
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> > When he named his rarest records as being the "first" Elvis Presley record, he pulled a 45 with a picture sleeve that looked like a bootleg or reissue. Certainly wasn't a Sun test pressing.
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> > Cary Ginell
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> I have that record -- it's not rare -- and it was disclosed as being a 
> fake immediately when it was released.  It was supposedly recorded 
> BEFORE the Sun records which is why it wasn't a Sun record.  You can and 
> hear the record on a youTube that has only been viewed 141 times, and 
> the story I reprint below from that posting seems to tell the story of 
> this fake very well.  The fade out you hear just before the grafted-on 
> concert closing was the real give away to me that it was a fake the 
> first time I heard it back in the late 70s.  Steve -- why don't you send 
> this info to the producer of the garage show that sent his URL to you?
> Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxQ_zqwCE-Q
> Soon after Elvis has died, record come out that claims to be his first 
> professional recording from 1954. Pete Falco said that he have paid 
> Elvis $15 to record the song `Tell Me Pretty Baby`at Audio Recorders 
> studio in Phoenix.
> Only that Audio Recorders first start doin business until 1957. Before 
> that it was Ramsey´s Recording Studio. Once even singer Michael Conley 
> claims that he sings it. Mystery ended when Bear Family issued 
> `Rockin´And Bobbin`In The Desert vol. 2 ´cd. There is the two sided 
> acetate recorded in Audio Recorders in maybe early 60´s by Jamie Falco 
> And The Red Dots. Falco´s version of Don Cole´s Stop appear on that cd. 
> The other side of that acetate is the very same `Tell Me Pretty Baby´ 
> that you hear in here (not in that cd.)
> >
> >>
> >> The producer of this show sent me this Youtube link. LOTS of bad info - you'll
> >> find yourself cringing -0 but worth 5 min. of your time.
> >>
> >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aai-rhC3UMk
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> >> Steve
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