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Thomas, if you want them I can send images of the 6 Mezzotone 78 labels (100-102) 
and of Cyclone 505 in 2 label versions. I have only seen album 11 and have never seen 
anything else on Mezzotone (so album numbering started with 11, it seems).

Apparently Cyclone is the orig. label, dated 1947 in ARLD, but at present only a single
Mae West 78 is known).
Mezzotone not in ARLD; can it be confirmed that Mezzotone 78s are from the 50s?
It would be interesting to have more precise info on the 45s.

The band leader is Lenny MARVIN on 6 titles (not Herman).

The Cyclone label has been discussed here (actually "there" on the old forum) and I saved
at least part of it. Interesting stuff. I'll reprint the info below (uncensored) for those interested.
Maybe someone has additional info by now?
I saved Cyclone label images (505-A/B; 608-A) in 2005/06 and have seen no other one 
since then. Anyone has another one (or knows a website with info)?
Well, now that's a really rare jazz label.... forget those common Black Pattis....

Han Enderman

HERE IS reprinted CYCLONE info:

>Subject: Cyclone Records - Peters Sisters, Budd Johnson, Buck and Bubbles
>From: Ray Funk <rfunk at ptialaska.net>
>I am trying to gather information on the obscure post-war label, Cyclone
>Records, that Sam Manning ran briefly in 1947 in New York, I recently found
>an advertisement for the label in the New York Amsterdam News and have
>gotten additional information from John Cowley and Howard Rye.
>I am interested if anyone has any copies of the records on this label. I am
>trying to get label jpegs and copies of recordings if possible.
>There was an ad for Cyclone Records, 1560 Broadway, Rm 805, NYC in the NY
>Amsterdam News July 26, 1947 p. 19 giving info on three releases
>606-A PETERS SISTERS Money Power (S. Manning and A. Thenstead) Musical
>Settings by Adolph Thenstead's Antilleans
>606-B BABY EDITH PETERS (Love) Plaything Of Fate (S. Manning and A.
>Thenstead) Musical Settings by Adolph Thenstead's Antilleans
>At least one or two copies of this release exist and I have gotten label
>I cannot find anyone who has the second one by Buck and Bubbles
>608 A - Bubbles Turn Back the Clock
>608 B - Buck Send Me My Overcoat
>Bob McGrath's the R&B Indies lists additional and partly contradictory info:
>608 Same titles but credited to Budd Johnson & His Orchestra, perhaps they
>were the backing band
>The third on the ad is listed as
>609 A - Budd Johnson My Heart's Doin' Time (instrumental)
>612 B - Mary Stafford vocalist (with Budd Johnson) I Just Can't Find That
>These two titles have been reissued on
>The Chronological Classics Budd Johnson 1942-1954
>Bob McGrath's the R&B Indies also lists
>609 Budd Johnson & His Orchestra: I Just Can't Find That Kind
>610 (rev. 610) Budd Johnson & His Orchestra: Hybrid No. 5
>611 Budd Johnson & His Orchestra: My Heart's Doing Time
>612 (rev. 611) Budd Johnson & His Orchestra: My Heart's Doing Time
>Jan Evensmo, Budd Johnson solography in History of Jazz Tenor Saxophone,
>believes Johnson recorded at least 8 titles for Cyclone and has heard
>mx 614-A Twistology Cyclone 612
>mx 615-B Lonesome (Blues) Cyclone 609
There is a listing for it on page 435 of the 1947-48 Billboard Yearbook,
published in 1947:
"A subsidary of Antillian Music Features, Inc., Cyclone platters was formed
in January of the current year by Prexy Adolf Thenstad, V.P. and Gen. Mgr.
Sam Manning, Adv. Mgr. Leroy Collins, and Murry Spaan, Promotion Manager.
During the past year the firm has waxed a number of leading personalities of
show business, including Mae West, who signed a five-year pact with Cyclone,
Buck and Bubbles and Mantan Morland, top sepia vaudville personalities, plus
blues singer Mary Stafford and Budd Johnson's Orchestra. Recordings are
made under the supervision of Ken Macomber, musical director."

There is a half page ad on page 252 which pictures a blank label format and
the label for 608-B "Send Me My Overcoat" although it is so small it is hard
to read anything but the song title and the trademark. The ad says
"Attention! Disk Jockeys and Distributors. They're great for juke boxes.
They're GREAT for Retail Stores." Six records are listed, and there is a
picture of each of the performers. 505, 606, 608, 609, 612, and 616.
Because the info in the ad is a little different than what has been listed
of several of these, I'll give what the ad says.

505-A Come Up and See Me Sometime Mae West
505-B That's All, Brother, That's All Mae West
(This record is described in the ad as "Her first smash hit exclusive on
Cyclone Records." Does this mean that this is her first smash hit EVER, or
just the first one that was exclusive to Cyclone?????)

606-A Money Power vocal - Peters Sisters
606-B Love, Plaything of Fate vocal - Baby Edith Peters
(They are described as "Heavyweight Champions of Harmony in 'CALYPSO

608-A Turn Back the Clock Vocal - Bubbles
608-B Send Me My Overcoat Vocal - Buck
Buck and Bubbles (Comedy Song Stylists)
International Stars of Radio - Stage and Screen

609-A My Heart's Doin' Time (instrumental)
Budd Johnson and "his Cyclone Instrumental All Stars"

612-B I Just Can;t Find That Kind (Blues)
Mary Stafford (vocal) The Blues New Sweetheart
"Blues Stylist" With Budd Johnson's Cyclone All Stars

616 Laffin' Song (Baby, Stop Ticklin' Me)
What Did It Getcha!
Mantan (Birmingham) Morland
(described as His First Smash Hit!)

I don't think I have ever seen any of these. I'll be sending a scan of the
ad directly to Ray Funk.

Mike Biel mbiel at kih.net
Cyclone 608 was on ebay in March 2006 and I have the picture of the A side.
Credited to: Buck & Bubbles / Orchestra: Budd Johnson.
I also have pictures of 505 by Mae West (in 2 label variants).
ARLD mentions 107 (6/47).

>>> I believe she recorded 11 titles that were issued in two albums on Mezzotone 
(one might have been LP only, Mezzotone 21). There's a 12th side that is an 
unidentified performer (identity and gender). I've had the first album on 78 
and lp but only a dub of the second one. Living Era CD AJA 5604 has 9 of the 11 
sides. The track you haven't listed is He's A Bad Man. All apparently date from 
1947 with groups led by Lenny Herman and Josef Cherniavsky. And one broken 
Cyclone 78 was reported here years ago.

I've filled in the numbers and the extra title as I have them.


On 5/21/2011 3:10 PM, Thomas Stern wrote:
> I have noticed a commonality of titles included in the following releases:
> CYCLONE 506 - 78rpm
> MEZZOTONE   - album 11  3-78rpm  Album of Mae West Songs
> MEZZOTONE   - album ??  3-45rpm
> PR 22       - PROSCENIUM records  W.C.Fields&  Mae West  LP
> DPC 718     - DEMAND PERFORMANCE cassette (Glendale, CA) 1986  Mae West Naughty But Wise
> Are these all derived from the MezzoTone recordings?
> What information is available about MezzoTone and Cyclone labels?
> Are there additional Cyclone Mae West releases?
> Can anyone provide complete session details for Mezzotone?
> What are the record numbers for the individual Mezzotone disks?
> Are there any CD issues of these Mae West recordings?
> What is known of Demand Performance?
> What other releases were on Demand Performance - were there LP's as well as cassettes?
> Here is the list of titles and releases:
My Man Friday                  Mezzotone Album 11(102A), 45rpm PR 22  DPC-718
Page 54                        Mezzotone Album 11(102B) PR 22  DPC-718
Imaginary Love                 Mezzotone Album 11 (101B)
Frankie&  Johnny               Mezzotone Album 11 (100B) PR 22  DPC-718
Come Up&  See Me Sometime      Mezzotone Album 11 (100A) 45rpm  Cyclone 505A PR 22  DPC-718
That's All Brother That's All  Mezzotone Album 11 (101A) 45rpm  Cyclone 505B PR 22  DPC-718
Slow Down                      Mezzotone Album 21 (LP)   45rpm? PR 22  DPC-718
Put It Off Until Tomorrow      Mezzotone Album 21 (LP)   45rpm? PR 22  DPC-718
A Guy What Takes His Time      Mezzotone Album 21 (LP)   45rpm?
Pardon Me For Loving and Running Mezzotone Album 21 (LP) PR 22  DPC-718
He's a Bad Man		       Mezzotone Album 21 (LP)
> Best wishes, Thomas.

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