[78-L] Hersh Wertzberger - R.I.P.

Steve Shapiro steveshapiro1 at juno.com
Sat May 21 18:47:39 PDT 2011

Two years ago, I had gotten a Yiddish record from Europe on behalf of a friend in New York.  It appears to have been made in France.  Les Larmes D'Auschwitz (The Tears of Auschwitz), sung by Hersh Wertzberger, the cantor of Klosenburg (Transylvania, Roumania?)

My friend telephoned me Thursday night.

My friend told me that during Passover this year, he visited the grandson of Hersh Wertzberger where he got to meet Cantor Wertzberger himself, 94 years old, ailing, and on a feeding tube.  My friend played the record for them and Cantor Wertzberger cried.  Cantor Wertzberger had heard the record only once before, soon after it was pressed.  There was something about the person who put out the record not being very ethical and it seems that Cantor Wertzberger never got a copy.

You can hear the record here:


Hersh Wertzberger died a few weeks ago.  See:


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