[78-L] Quick Review: Sony Legacy Calloway CD

bradc944 at comcast.net bradc944 at comcast.net
Fri May 20 13:36:44 PDT 2011

Got a nice box from Amazon today, with this (Are You Hep To the Jive - Columbia Legacy CK 57645) and the ProperBox Calloway box set.  Chucked the Sony Legacy set into the player, and thumbed thru the booklet.  Nice work on it (the booklet), and the transfers are, for 1994, not too bad.  It's only a 22-song CD, nowhere NEAR the full scale of Cab's repertoire, but a nice cross-example of how he swung it.  I have noticed a few raspys and blatts in the transfers, but not knowing the source (and condition) of the original materials... and for being a 17 year old release, I'll give it to 'em.  (Vic Anesini did the remastering)  There's master numbers and release numbers in the booklet, but not a clear personnel listing.

If you had to get a single CD, or just wanted to show someone that Cab was much mroe than the Betty Boop films and "Minnie", this would be a decent CD to do it with, methinks.  22 tracks is certainly not overload.

Haven't popped the ProperBox set in yet, saving that for later today.

And, in case anyone was wondering, the 2 box sets, one of which the late JRT Davies did, is next on the purchase list.


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