[78-L] Removing tape glue

Glenn Longwell glongwell at snet.net
Wed May 18 20:06:55 PDT 2011

I know we've covered this before but I foolishly didn't save the answers. 

I recently picked up a collection of 78s.  A dozen or so of them have two pieces of cloth tape on one side.  Very odd as it serves no purpose but to make me mad that I can't listen to that side.  They are some nice dance band sides from the 20s on Cameo, Harmony, etc. The tape comes off but leaves behind the glue that is not water soluble.  So what will clean this?  Last time this came up there were answers of chemicals that are pretty nasty.  Let's stay away from those.  Any simple remedies of relatively non-toxic household items or easily obtainable products that don't destroy the 78?


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