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Cary Ginell soundthink at live.com
Wed May 18 10:39:57 PDT 2011

After running it through an equalizer, it's actually not so bad. No distortion, just surface wear. And you can't quibble about any Timely Tunes acquisition, because it's not likely to turn up again anytime soon.

Cary Ginell

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> That's the one record I would have bid on also.  Congratulations!  Sounds
> like it was less terrible than it might have been, - and alternate
> takes.......
> ..Steve Williams  ..
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> Just got the Timely Tunes 78 that I won from Frederick Tussey on eBay (by
> King's Hawaiians, a pseudonym for (King) Bennie Nawahi - It was described as
> being in "VG" condition, but was sold "as is". I took a calculated risk on
> this record, so I am not going to return it, but both sides are closer to G.
> Heavy graying of grooves with surface-noise-to-music ratio being about
> 60/40. Just a word to the wise to anyone interested in bidding on his
> records. He either overgrades or - and I believe the latter is the case - he
> doesn't know the first thing about grading (or spelling, I might add), which
> is why he couches his descriptions in all kinds of caveats. I'm not
> returning the record because, as Malcolm informed me, both sides are
> alternate takes available only on TT. I have the first takes on a Montgomery
> Ward in E condition, so I'm fine with having this one, even at the price I
> paid for a record several grades below how it was described.
> His packing, incidentally, was excellent.
> Cary Ginell
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