[78-L] Any chance of Jimmy Clanton (Ace Records) being on 78

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. rbratcherjr at yahoo.com
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Many thanks to Han as he sent me 3 label images. Ace 546 Just A Dream  Ace 546 
You Aim To Please & Ace 551 A Part Of Me. So I'll do a Google search & maybe 
I'll find a few more images & the 78's on Ebay or perhaps from Kurt's auctions.

From: Han Enderman <jcenderman at solcon.nl>
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Subject: [78-L] Any chance of Jimmy Clanton (Ace Records) being on 78

Ace 78s:
546 Just A Dream / You Aim To Please
551 A Part Of Me / .....

Han Enderman
>>> Hi
Letter/Part of Me is on a US 78 as I saw a picture of it when I did a google 
search - as for the others, I am sure if they are from 57 to early 59 or so they 

will be on 78...I think Ace Records stuck with 78s for a while after some other 
labels.  They will have certainly have been on 78rpm in other countries e.g. the 


From: Robert M. Bratcher Jr. <rbratcherjr at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [78-L] Any chance of Jimmy Clanton (Ace Records) being on 78 rpm?

Stuff like his:

Just A Dream
Letter To An Angel/A Part Of Me
Go Jimmy Go
My Love Is Strong/Ship On A Stormy Sea

in USA or Canadian pressings? Or am I looking for something that will never be 
found? I realize these records came out in about 1956 or 1957 to around 1958 
to 1959 but then I have a Dot Pat Boone 78 of Why Baby Why/I'm Waiting Just For 
You that came out in 2/57 so maybe one or two of these Jimmy Clanton songs made 
it to 78 rpm? If so then which ones if anyone knows?
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