[78-L] Audio Restoration saves family recording

Rodger Holtin rjh334578 at yahoo.com
Mon May 16 15:25:56 PDT 2011

I have done a few of these, more in the cassette days than since I've moved to the digital age, but have done some.  Anybody with a USB turntable thinks they are highly qualified to do this.  Just a few months ago my wife responded to an inquiry on a genealogy site to someone with a family USO WWII disc and wanted to know what to do with it.  She replied with a little info about cleaning, speeds and groove sizes and concluded by posting my e-mail address in hopes of securing a job or two.  Before the thread expired, there were 800+ posts, many by USB turntable experts and not one job lead for somebody who actually had a clue and a tad of experience.
Rotsa ruck.


For Best Results use Victor Needles.


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I wonder how much money could be made in doing audio restorations from
home?  I could do to be pulling in $1000-1500 a month but at present I'm
living in the boonies of north central Arkansas....any ideas?

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