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Slight correction. Corwin just turned 101. He is visibly failing since the last time I saw him two years ago when he gave a riveting and lucid speech at our local library and signed autographs afterwards. He is confined to a wheelchair now but appears to still be alert although he didn't talk much. 

Seeing these actors performing this absolutely precious and funny work was a history-making experience. Norman Lloyd, who I found out later is 96 years old, looks at least 25 years younger. His voice is still booming and his acting magnificent. And why shouldn't it be? He learned his trade as a member of Orson Welles' original Mercury Theater cast. Janet Waldo (87) smiled constantly and was adorable. Phil Proctor (70), playing a judge wearing the standard British judicial wig, matched Lloyd's power, prowess, and humor. Dick Van Patten (82), Marvin Kaplan (84), Richard Herd (78), veteran TV director Ivan Cury, and actress Melinda Peterson also participated. In the audience, enjoying the proceedings, were Frank Bank ("Lumpy" on "Leave It to Beaver") and legendary radio host Frank Bresee. What a grand time it was to see these performers FLAWLESSLY bringing Corwin's words to life once again. I must also add that live sound effects were provided by the esteemed audio theater producer Tony Palermo and son. 

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> Great series of presentations at this year's ARSC conference.  The highlight in everybody's opinion that I spoke to, has to be the performance of Norman Corwin's "The Undecided Molecule", as presented by Michael Biel.  It was an authentic interpretation of a Radio Drama and the actors were seasoned veterans of the media.  The 103 year old Corwin was present.  It was written in a rhyming style sometimes reminiscent of Dr. Seuss and the humour was very rich.  Marvin Kaplan, who only had a small part himself, was often heard chuckling away into his microphone while the rest of the cast was performing.
> Next year's conference is to be held in Rochester N.Y., so I won't be doing much driving to get there - ca. 3 hrs.
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