[78-L] Age of collectors

S&R Pinsker spinsker at erols.com
Fri May 13 17:26:00 PDT 2011

You people are mere children. I'll be 86 in 6 weeks.
I was taught to change needles and crank up the Victrola
when I Was 3 or 4. Only allowed to play 10" discs. Still have
a few dozen of them but the sleeves are pretty well shredded.
My estimation is that they have survived at least 7 moves.
My own collecting began when the NY Post ran "The World's
Greatest Music" promotion with a free player thrown in. By the
time I purchased my last 78, I had about 1,400 discs, almost
all classical. LP's? at least 5,000 and I have no idea how many
CD's and cassettes (store bought and home made) are waiting
for the movers. I refuse to grow up; I'm now accumulating HO gauge 
Oh yes, I finally replaced my last Rek-o-kut  (any offers for 3 of them?)
with a 3-speed A-T and have a couple of Shure elliptical 78 stylii. 

Bob Pinsker

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