[78-L] Chick Webb alternate takes

Taylor Bowie bowiebks at isomedia.com
Tue May 10 17:36:45 PDT 2011

The thread about the Reisman alternates reminded me of a very unusual 
example of  different takes.

It's the Chick Webb Orch. Decca of   "You showed Me The Way."  De 1220. 
master number is 62067 with takes noted as "A" and "B."

For years,  I've had a trashed copy of Take A...it came out of a suitcase of 
records which had belonged to a great uncle of mine who died 12 years before 
I was born.  It's a great version,  with a very punchy beginning which leads 
into a superb Ella Fitzgerald vocal (about the best of her early sides that 
I've heard).

Finally I was able to get a clean copy on auction...and it turned out to be 
Take B...which has an entirely different written introduction.

Point being that most alernate takes of dance band sides have variations on 
solos or maybe tiny changes in the chart...but these two takes (recorded the 
same day) are totally different at the start.

Anyone know of similar cases of dance band records where there is a radical 
difference between takes  in the arrangement,  and not just in solo work? 
I'm not talking about something like a Lanin where he did variations on the 
same chart for different labels on different days.

I'm still looking for a clean Take A of the Webb,  which I like a lot more 
than the more sedate Take B.


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