[78-L] King Records Japan

Hopkins/Kato hopkat at sa2.so-net.ne.jp
Tue May 10 17:02:30 PDT 2011

King was established in about 1930. One of the five "majors" of prewar
Japanese record industry. Owned by publisher Kodansha.
I mostly collect prewar records, but I read Japanese just fine and will be
happy to check out a scan if you can direct me to one. It's probably going
to be Eri Chiemi, who was one of the most popular 1950s singers (who also
had US releases, I believe on Federal records?)
Trivia: In the war years, when foreign language use was discouraged, King
became "Fuji." Columbia became "Nicchiku." Victor didn't change, presumably
because of its meaning??
David Hopkins
Nara, Japan

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