[78-L] Age of Collectors (WAS Kurt Nauck's Auctions)

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Tue May 10 15:04:22 PDT 2011

Not impossible though. The youngest collectors are less likely even to know 
what a 78 is, and the people who work in the thrift stores don't know how to 
handle the things so they're often broken, but I still see them, sometimes in 
large loads and sometimes just a few stragglers. And more often than not, 
trashed or of minimal interest (polkas..feh). But they do turn up. Anyone near 
Rochester NY, be sure and check out The Bop Shop where there are often hundreds 
of 78s out in the hallway, cheap cheap.


On 5/10/2011 5:58 PM, Taylor Bowie wrote:
> Malcolm it on something important.  When I started collecting stuff around
> 1965 you could still get lots of good pop (and even some jazz) 78s from the
> 20s and 30s in junk and thrift stores...so even kids with little cash on
> hand could make a good effort.
> Now it's rare that anything which even looks like a 78 turns up in most of
> those places...not impossible but not with any regularity.  So you do have
> to have some money to get the good stuff most of the time...makes it harder
> for younger collectors until they start having some disposable income.
> Taylor
> P.S.  Yes,  Steven,  I know you buy 78s for pennies...I'm not talking about
> large lots of junque which contain records of little or no interest to most
> collectors.
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>> I started collecting almost 6 years ago - now some 30,000+ 78s later, I'm
>> 39.
>> You could say I'm pretty serious about the hobby - ha! I also have lots of
>> friends my age and younger who are into collecting.
>> Not many that spend lot's of money, but that comes in time.
>> Malcolm in GA
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>> Which, once again,  brings us to the question of the average age of 78
>> list-members.
>> Six years ago we made an enquiry on he list; I collected the answers and
>> found that of more than 50 regular contributors, at the time, the
>> average age was 55.
>> It may be a little lower today, taking into account the many young
>> collectors who have been added to the list. On the other hand: the rest
>> of us are six years older...
>> Kristjan
>> (59 years; got my first 78'as in the 1950's; started to collect about 15
>> years ago)

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