[78-L] Age of Collectors (WAS Kurt Nauck's Auctions)

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I started collecting almost 6 years ago - now some 30,000+ 78s later, I'm 
You could say I'm pretty serious about the hobby - ha! I also have lots of 
friends my age and younger who are into collecting.
Not many that spend lot's of money, but that comes in time.
Malcolm in GA

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Which, once again,  brings us to the question of the average age of 78
Six years ago we made an enquiry on he list; I collected the answers and
found that of more than 50 regular contributors, at the time, the
average age was 55.
It may be a little lower today, taking into account the many young
collectors who have been added to the list. On the other hand: the rest
of us are six years older...
(59 years; got my first 78'as in the 1950's; started to collect about 15
years ago)

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