[78-L] Age of Collectors (WAS Kurt Nauck's Auctions)

Sammy Jones sjones69 at bellsouth.net
Mon May 9 21:25:15 PDT 2011

I'm 28, and I've been collecting since about 1995 or 96 (OTR shows from
before that!).  I have a good friend who's 25 and he collects, too.

Pure speculation, but I imagine there are lots of under-40 collectors out

To Steven C.:  I'd love the Complete Works of Henry Burr (though I'd prefer
the Complete Works of Billy Murray)!

Sammy Jones

Robert M. Bratcher wrote:
> I thought we (I'm 52 now) 78 RPM record collectors were a shrinking
> dying out
> breed too. So there really are enough young folks interested in the old
> 78's to
> keep our hobby going for awhile? I sure hope so!! Or am I only
> dreaming?
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> From: Cary Ginell <soundthink at live.com>
> To: 78-l at klickitat.78online.com
> Sent: Mon, May 9, 2011 10:52:47 PM
> Subject: Re: [78-L] Kurt Nauck's Auctions.
> Yes, but you are assuming that no new, younger members are joining our
> little
> group of collectors.
> Older collectors dying out also brings the average age down, doesn't
> it?
> You can't assume that the entire group is remaining static with no new
> members
> and nobody dying.
> Cary Ginell
> > >
> > I no longer recall the exact details; however IIRC there was an
> > informal survey of 78-L taken per the age of its listeners, and the
> > result was near 60. Assume that was five years ago...and our
> > average age would now be at or a bit past 60...!
> >
> > Further, it would seem plausible that those who collect 78's probably
> > grew up listening to them; the last 78's were pressed in the late
> 50's
> > (a couple years later up here in Canada). If we assume this 78
> listener
> > was at least 12...he she it was born in the early 40's (as I was).
> That in
> > turn suggests an age in the sixties...!
> >
> > There was a brief "swing revival" a few years back; the result was
> > 3-speed players, usually without the .003" needles needed to
> > properly play 78's...! I am still buying 78's via a local record
> > store...which accepts lots for resale and then contacts me...!
> > I pay a few cents per record...and haul them home to be added
> > to my "half-vast shellac archive." I also buy many from "NickJay."
> >
> > Steven C. Barr

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