[78-L] Buying a record in pieces (was Dalhart Black Patti)

Martin Fenton mafenton at talktalk.net
Mon May 9 09:45:47 PDT 2011

There used to be a dealer who attended my local record fair here in the 
UK 20 years ago who had pristine multiples of 1960s EMI LP sleeves, 
which he'd sell for a pound or two each. He'd apparently bought, at 
auction, the stock of an EMI warehouse where they had stored the 
over-run sleeves intended to be pinned up on record shop walls for 
promotional purposes.

The sleeve to "The White Album," I remember, was £3.50, because it came 
with the poster and the four picture inserts. This, pre-eBay, was when 
you could still buy original pressings of Beatles albums in excellent 
condition for £10 or less (which I did.)


On 09/05/2011 16:37, David Lennick wrote:
> I've had that happen a number of times, though not on any large scale. Found
> the record without the jacket, found the empty jacket years later.
> dl

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