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David Breneman wrote:

> --- On Sat, 4/16/11, Dan Van Landingham <danvanlandingham at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> What are "music beds"?I know little
>> of just how sound was recorded prior to 197
> Music played under a scene, but not scored for it.

When I was in broadcasting with CHUM in Toronto, we had jingles made by the 
pre-eminent jingle mill "PAMS" of Dallas Texas.

Their use of the word "bed" referred to a piece of recorded music missing key 
elements, like the melody, which could be overdubbed with a variety of melodies 
to match a number of station's "sing" requirements in different markets.

Typically, WABC New York's over dubbed signature "Seventy-seven... W A B C" was 
loosely based on "I'll take Manhattan" which I believe they were ultimate sued for!

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