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On 4/16/2011 8:26, Dan Van Landingham wrote:
> What are "music beds"?I know little of just how sound was recorded prior to 197
I think he is referring to the continuous background music present on 
those old films. Perhaps they were noisy, but when the prints were new, 
the noise might have been less of a problem.
But for sure, the use of music in film was commonplace well before sound 
was supplied on disks for a time before dialogue and foley was 
synchronized to the action. In the large theaters, there were live 
orchestras. It follows that the music continued and still continues to 
enhance the experience.
In the early days of sound, most of the filming was done in California. 
They were then sent back to New York for "synchronization". MGM utilized 
its vast inventory of music kept at the Capital Theater on Broadway. 
Erno Refee and David Mendoza were dominant in that field.
Joe Schenck managed many of the early comics such as Arbuckle, Keaton, 
the Talmadge sisters (Norma was his wife) and many others. Though he 
moved most of the operations out west, he retained himself primarily in 
New York, where the money was controlled.

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