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What are "music beds"?I know little of just how sound was recorded prior to 197

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> 1.  Identity of the original band ?  Would it
> have been a Victor house band involving one of the Shilkrets
> ?

Don't know that one.

> 2. How would the recordings have been taken ? Onto disc and
> then transferred to film ?  And if so -  do any of
> the original recordings of the band exist  (other than
> off the soundtrack ) ??

The sound recording process used by Hal Roach was sort of
a patent-evading mechanism that used a stylus to cut a
variable-area soundtrack into a strip of film that had a
black emulsion coating on the side facing the stylus
(the deeper the stylus cut, the wider the clear area it
created.  This was then printed optically onto the
release print.  The process was inherently noisy, so
they started using music beds just to hide the hiss.
I'm going to assume (a dangerous thing to do here) that
the music was originally recorded on disks then dubbed
to film, since if it was direct to film Victor would
have not needed to be involved.  Someone please correct
me if I'm wrong.

> I know they have been re-created over here (UK) 
> by   Ronnie Hazelhurst   who
> went to the States and seems to have come up with the scores
> -  but I've no details of where he found them.

Are those the ones released on "L&H Records?"  I thought
they just charted them by ear.  The ones by the Beau Hunks
seemed to be a little closer to the originals, but again
I think they just devised their own arrangements.  I have
the L&H albums here somewhere, and a couple Beau Hunks CDs,
but can't find them at the moment to check the liner notes.

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