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On 4/11/2011 3:09, J. E. Knox wrote:
> Greetings from FixitLand!
> simmonssomer wrote:
>> I can provide the following Specht sides with Ahola in the band.
>> 1/14/26  "Take This Rose"
>>                "Drifting Apart"           -
>>                "Static Strut"
> <snip>
> According to a recent article in the IAJRC Journal, "Static
> Strut" (Columbia 627-D) was actually recorded 1 April 1926. The
> issued take is Take 5. (Listening to it now. I find it on-pitch at
> 78.00 rpm, for what that might be worth.) Does someone have the
> Columbia book handy to shed more light on this?
> "Station C-O-L!"
According to the discography found in Dick Hill's book on Ahola, this is 
the right date for that record. For Columbia, they previously took a try 
at in on Jan 14, three times, but they were rejected. It would have been 
on 554-D.
Then on Jan. 15, they successfully recorded it on Pathe 36381 and 
Perfect 14562.
Both cuts have been widely exchanged, and there are easily discernible 
differences. For one thing, only the Columbia version has the intro 
"Station C-O-L", which is doubtless a nod to COLumbia.

Other bands took a crack at it later. Here's Erskine Tate's
and the Savoy Orpheans

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