[78-L] DVD sets

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Mar 5 12:36:06 PST 2011

Jeff Sultanof wrote:
> There is a boxed set of Johnny Staccato that came out a couple of months
> ago. I don't know about the quality.
I always felt "Johnny Staccato" to be a disappointment. I remember it 
being sold for its jazz content, but that content was minimal--usually 
the musicians were well in the background, and and the main character's 
over-emoting was too much to take. In one episode, Harry Guardino's 
tenor sax playing was the worst I've encountered until Robert DeNiro's 
in "New York, New York". I used to watch it every week, just in case the 
jazz content improved, but it never did.

      Julian Vein

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