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 Not to forget car buyers' apparent demand for a clock-like speedometer which only vaguely indicates speed, instead of a 
precise digital display.  But if a clock with hands was on the dashboard, they'd want that to be digital!   Then there's the 
utterly silly, fake, mechanical-looking "gear shifter" on the floor of cars with automatics which are not only shifted 
electrically, but are way up in the engine compartment, nowhere near the fake handle.

 Actually, some MTA supervisory types tried to tell me that I needed "a real watch" for the job, not the things with hands 
which I wore.  I assured them that I was capable of telling time with the Big Hand and the Little Hand.  (Which brings to 
mind a little conflict I had with Miss Lunetta, my First-Grade teacher:  She was displeased when I corrected her "First Hand 
& Second Hand" nonsense with "Hour Hand, Minute Hand, and Second Hand". haha)

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> And sometimes the analog technology will refuse to completely go away and
> quietly die.  I remember the early digital watches back in the very early
> 1970's, the ones with the red LED numbers that only showed the time when  you
> pushed a button in order that battery life would be preserved.  At that
> time I recall an editorial in a electronics trade rag that predicted the total
> obsolescence of analog time pieces in the next few years and the
> soon-to-be-anachronistic terms such as 'clockwise' and 'counter-clockwise' (or
> 'anti-clockwise' to some) and 'clock in', 'clock out', 'quarter past the hour',
> etc.  That didn't exactly happen...
> Mike in Phoenix (a retired electronics engineer)

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