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Sounds right Julian.  Dorsey broadcast from  Dallas for Ford V8  during the 
Texas Centennial Exposition in August of 1936.
I have a couple of those broadcastst but unfortunately no "Dancing With 
You".on either one. There were obviously others.
My "Dancing With You" came from a radio station and as you indicated they 
probably got it off either the Jasmine or
Fanfare LP. A very obscure incident and I'm happy that you dug it out. I can 
sleep again.

Al Simmons

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> simmonssomer wrote:
>> Goofing around on the internet I ran into a Washington state station 
>> playing
>> all sorts of music.
>> My attention picked up when Tommy Dorsey played the familiar trombone 
>> intro
>> to "Once In A While."
>> However..when Jack Leonard and the Thre Esquires began to sing the lyrics
>> were "Dancing With You."
>> The tune was unmistakeably "Once In A While"
>> Circa Nov. '36 to Jan. '37.
>> No sign of it in Kinkle or any Rust.
>> Que paso? Who and why were those lyrics changed. Was the song originally
>> called "Dancing With You?"
>> If so, why is that recording not listed anywhere?
>> Al Simmons
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> It's in ADBORAF:
> Ford V-8 Radio Show, New York - August 1936
> Dancing With You (Once In A While)
> Issued on Fanfare LP1-101 and Jasmine JASM-2509, both LPs.
> A note says that the session may have emanated from Dallas.
>      Julian Vein
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