[78-L] For those who think the hobby will die

tions tions at comcast.net
Thu Feb 3 20:33:26 PST 2011

We have a GE 81E AM only radio console with 12" speaker. And a 1902? standard phono (takes the large spindle hole discs). And our daily kitchen toaster is the first pop up made I think 1929 3 lever toastmaster, a Coleman coffee maker made in 1930, 1932 waffle iron.

Some of these perform their functions far better than the modern equivolents. For instance depression era kitchen appliances used genuine Calrad heating elements wvhich will last a century. The Coleman makes a better brew and cleans easier than a Mr. Coffee type and keeps it hot in the pot until used.

The radio and phono don't outperform their modern competitiors, and one day the radio will not pick up commercial broadcasts. But neither will ever be obsolete or go down in value given Ebay catering to nostalgia enthusiasts. I see 19th century music boxes going for over $1000 and nickelodians above $20 grand.

78ism is practically eternal! 

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