[78-L] Best used turntable types for cleaning?

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 3 08:27:53 PST 2011

The Monks turntable runs at around 70RPM. Other cleaning systems are designed 
to work on records that lie flat and YOU rotate (or you rotate the brushes, at 
least) or on 33RPM turntables, like the old DiscWasher brush & liquid (no good 
for 78s). An old 3 speed record player gives you options and the record will 
almost overhang the platter except when you're cleaning 45s.


On 2/3/2011 11:24 AM, Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
> Hmmm... just a wild guess here but wouldn't one of the the reasons that
> cleaning turntables are expensive be because they're WATERPROOF???
> Putting water&  soap on a direct drive table doesn't sound like my idea
> of fun. But what Jeff says is right - it's torque you need not speed.
> How about using an old Rek-O-Kut 16" cutting lathe table running at
> 33rpm, bearings&  gears greased to the max, mounted on a piece of thick
> plastic with a belt drive (like a large auto fan belt!) to a motor
> that's well away from the action?
> Mal
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> On 2/3/2011 1:22 AM, tions wrote:
>> I presume the 78 indicates old technology. Maybe I can find a direct drive platter on Ebay because record  cleaning turntables seem expensive.
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>>     >I'm looking for a used turntable for spinning records for cleaning  purposes.
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>>     >Thanks.
>>     >R.K.
>>     A few thoughts: I assume you will use this turntable only for
>>     cleaning (i.e. not for playing). What you need is torque, not speed.
>>     So don't worry about whether the turntable has a 78 speed - you won't need it.
>>     The platter has to keep turning even while you're pressing down on
>>     the record surface with a cleaning brush. As such, I'd stay away from
>>     a belt drive turntable, as the belt can slip. Direct drive is
>>     probably best for torque. An idler-wheel turntable would probably be cheapest.
>>     Have you considered buying a record cleaning machine? Most of these
>>     do vacuum removal of the cleaning fluid, which saves a lot of time
>>     and gives better results (in my opinion).
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