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Wed Feb 2 21:24:25 PST 2011

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> I'm a little confused.  It seems you are saying that the identity of the 
> performer on Columbia 294 is not known but is definitely no Vess Ossman 
> and that it was recorded ca. 1901-02.  However, the label mentions Grand 
> Prize St. Louis 1904, so I was assuming that the recording dated from 
> around that period.  Does the recording date from as early as 1901-02? 
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No! Columbia pressed records using whatever labels were current at that 
thus a copy of Co 294 could bear any one of several labels...including dates
from well past its initial issue date! Thus. the label citing 1904 means 
that THAT particular copy was pressed from 1904 onward...which does
NOT relate to the original recording date of the side...!

Steven C. Barr 

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