[78-L] Not only Robert Johnson, but the ODJB and Satchmo..

Martin Fenton mafenton at talktalk.net
Tue Feb 1 10:13:24 PST 2011

On 01/02/2011 17:39, David Lennick wrote:
> Yes friends, your calendar is correct, it's February 1st and not April 1st. But
> that doesn't stop anyone.
> http://www.sandybrownjazz.co.uk/whatsnew.html

"For example, Dippermouth Blues by King Oliver in 1923, is in C at 78 
RPM, but appears to be correct in the key of G."

I neither know, nor care, what key "Dippermouth Blues" was actually 
recorded in, but I suspect that B-flat might be a more realistic 
alternative than G.

Sigh. Takes all sorts, dunnit?


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