[78-L] He's back...!; "RCA Victor Co." Scroll label

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 7 15:04:02 PDT 2010

Sheesh! Why did I say "Pied Pipers"? Of course they were the Merry Macs. 
Although the early Pied Pipers Victors are pretty rare birds as well.

On 9/7/2010 5:55 PM, J. E. Knox wrote:
> I show 24313 and 23806 as by The Merry Macs rather than The Pied
> Pipers. (Well, actually the "Abrams files" show them that way...)
> Chicago, April 27, 1933. [Studio A? Same studio as Louis Armstrong
> session the day before]
> 24313  THE MERRY MACS  We're Together Again (75488- )/Love Song Of
> The Nile (75490- )
> 23806  THE MERRY MACS  In A Little White Church On The Hill (75487- )/
> Hiawatha's Lullaby (75489- )
> Maybe the latter two titles were deemed "Old Familiar"? (What takes
> have you?)

Take 1 on all but Little Old Church, take 2.
>> As well, both are Canadian pressings by "Victor Talking Machine Co.
>> of Canada".
>> How long was that designation still in use up here?
> Dunno; fact is, you may have a better handle on that then I. I have
> few Canadian pressings, a few more label scans; will have to examine
> them all to glean even a guess on a date. Only one I have here at
> work is a brass-print copy of Victor 25726 which says "RCA Victor
> Company Limited," which I presume is circa 1942 (at least if Canadian
> Victor-HMV followed US Victor in moving from bright gold to washed-
> out brass printing in 1941). 1933 to 1942 is an awfully wide range in
> which to pin that VTM-Canada ending date down...stay tuned. The US
> change from RCA Victor Co. to RCA Manufacturing Co. occurred in
> mid-1935. What bearing that has on Canadian Victor has yet to be
> determined.
> Speaking of 238xx, ever see a Rings-label issue in that series? Got
> one...unfortunately, can't remember the number...
> Take care,

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