[78-L] First vocal recording of Temptation Rag

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Tue Sep 7 12:40:29 PDT 2010

No--Princess is one of the very first vertical cut records...They date from

On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 11:14 AM, Steven C. Barr <stevenc at interlinks.net>wrote:

> From: "Craig Ventresco" <craigventresco at gmail.com>
> > I still am not sure that the Columbia is the earliest vocal version of
> > Temptation Rag...There were other contemporary issues of it, such as the
> > Collins on Princess No S 1052.Yes, it's very scarce, but still
> > contemporanious.
> >
> At that point (and until mid-1916), Columbia would happily press
> records for ANY "client" who would pay therefor...! It is VERY possible
> that this "Princess" disc was a re-labeled issue of the Columbia disc?!
> The actual important question here is when/whether Victor (the only
> other record manufacturer in early 1910!) issued a version...and if so
> when and by whom...?!
> Steven C. Barr
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