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Seller's knowledgeability re music and records is exceeded only by his abilities as  a photographer!

M in P

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> from you-know-where:
> the item is a Victor PRogram Transcription of Stokowski
> conducting 
> Schubert's Symphony #8. At least, I assume it is Schubert
> and not 
> Dvorak. It was never stated exactly.
> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250692920631&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123
> The seller says:
> "You are looking at one of the rarest records to exist,Most
> people think 
> 33rpms or lps were not made until the fifties,But The
> Program 
> Transcriptions were made in 1931 by the inventor of flat
> records.In 
> Canada.,The records were made to replace the 78s but people
> were not 
> able to buy the new machines/record players to play the new
> speed 33 
> rpm.These records were made by Victor Talking Machine
> company of Canada 
> limited,Montreal.The records were made for only one year!
> Victor had to 
> stop making the machines and records because no one, or
> almost no one 
> could buy the machines and new records Victor scraped the
> whole plan and 
> almost all the records and machines were destroyed,33 rpms
> would not be 
> made again until the fifties.
> This record was bought sometime during 1931 buy Queens
> University in 
> Kingston Ontario,This is how I came across the record.It is
> one sided 
> made of  a soft material just like present
> records.Victor had live bands 
> to record these records this one is by Leopold Stokowski
> and the 
> Philadelphia Orchestra,Symphony no.8,in B minor.
> The record number in L-11646-S.These records are so rare I
> could say how 
> many still Around..The condition is excellent no scratches
> no scuffs 
> When I got it it was still in its origanl cover."
> =======
> OK, so they are not so common, but I would hardly say they
> are the 
> rarest record to exist. I would immediately think of
> Berliners and 
> pre-dog Victors (or pre-Victor Victors) as more difficult
> to come by 
> perhaps, or 20" Pathes, all of which were also commercially
> produced and 
> relatively new tech in their respective days. I didn't know
> that Victor 
> attempted to destroy all the machines and records - like
> they would 
> waste money on that when times were tough...
> joe salerno
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