[78-L] MGM-Supertone connection?

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. citroenid19 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 15 05:38:48 PDT 2010

> The recording is electrical, both sides are electrical.  And since "How 
> Am I To Know" is an instrumental, as you said, it does not match any of 
> the three recordings of the song in the Columbia Discography.  And if 
> indeed the matrix number 100319 is correct, that is the reason it is not 
> listed -- Rust did not list the 100xxx series.  We will have to ask Tim 
> Brooks if he has any of the matrix series lists for this. 
> By the way, the matrix numbers are important to include in any label you 
> put on a transfer, not just the record number.  And since Columbia seems 
> to have issued multiple takes very often at this time, the take numbers 
> are important.  You have not mentioned them in any of the postings 
> here.  They would usually be at the 12 o'clock position or under the 
> label.  Often there will be a number, a letter, and possibly another 
> number.  The first number is the take, the letter is the metal positive 
> (mother), and the second number would be the stamper number.  If there 
> is a W in a circle, put that as the prefix of the matrix number.  Rust 
> ignores the W, but we should not. 

How Am I To Know is 1-B-5 and Gotta Feelin For You is 3-A-6

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